Sunday, February 6, 2011

Grilled Duck Breasts

Very easy, and delicious...

Ingredients :
Duck Breasts (Magrets) – with Skin on (1 breast per guest)
Coarse ground black Pepper

Procedure :
Light up your grill, charcoal, gas or oven grill.
In a dish, mix salt and pepper – about 1/5 salt, 4/5 pepper
Rub the magrets in that mixture

Start grilling the magrets with the skin turned toward the heat. This will melt the fat and impregnate the meat with it., it also slightly isolates the meat from the heat. When the Skin is well grilled – crispy – turn the magrets so the meat is on the heat.
Stay there, make sure they are not overcooked, the grill must be very hot so the meat is seized in the surface and does not cook to deeply – Magrets should be eaten medium-rare.

Serve with :
  • small cubed potatoes sauted in olive oil (or even better in goose fat) with garlic.
  • Ginger and Cassis sauce (see other recipe)

Light red wine does very well with it – Saumur Champigny or St Joseph are really nice…