Thursday, November 25, 2010

`L"Auberge Utelloise

Great dinner at the AUBERGE UTELLOISE  in Utelle - Alpes Maritimes - France. 

Excellent Traditional French - Italian food.
After a great dish of Antipasti - Fresh tomatoes with anchovies, Egg plant, Wild mushrooms, artichokes, local smoked ham, mezclun salad...

We had some gnocchi with daube :

The gnocchi (sort of pasta made of potatoes and wheat flour) were home made by the lady of the house who was also waiting on us, the daube was perfect.

And an Italian Salad composed of local greens and tomatoes with some Viande des grisons (Smoked beef meat) and local cheese.

All the food was prepared by the Lady of the house - at the time of paying the very reasonable bill, they told us they did not take credit card but we could send them a check later, I went back to the car to bring back a check book. However, we found it very interesting that these people trusted us as they did, it says a lot of their honesty and kindness,

Utelle is a wonderful little town with an amazing church, If you ever visit the Arriere pays Nicois - the mountains North of Nice - please stop there and go eat at the Auberge Utelloise, you won't be disappointed.

Auberge Utelloise - Place de la Republique, 06450 Utelle.  Tel: 04 93 03 17 46 
Cash or Checks

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